Trail Talk 2018-2019 Winter/Spring : Trestle Inn Trail Talk. It's where we meet.
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Trail Talk 2018-2019 Winter/Spring

by Susan Butler on 12/05/18

Welcome back to a new season of winter fun. We are going to have a great year. See you on the trails and at the Trestle Inn. Business as usual.

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1. Dick T said on 12/5/18 - 06:15PM
Any snow or riding going on up there yet? #1 again!!
2. sue said on 12/6/18 - 03:12PM
there are just a few,we have about 8-9 in.trails are open,but no grooming yet except a groomer without a drag went on part of the state trail,we are working on our snow dance!
3. sue said on 12/28/18 - 01:46PM
We Just got 20in in the last storm, the tomahawk has been groomed from Isabella to the North Shore Trail. Other Clubs are starting to groom, we do not have a update yet on how far they have got. We will keep you posted. Happy Riding!
4. Steve S. said on 12/28/18 - 10:42PM
Your snow dance worked! Question: Can anyone tell me if it is legal to ride on ungroomed forest roads? Thanks!
5. Ron in Lakeville said on 12/31/18 - 12:28PM
Yes, ride the Forest roads... 100% legal and recommended.
6. Gman65 said on 12/31/18 - 03:43PM
We were on some of the forest roads last Saturday before there was much traffic on them. A lot of fun blazing a new lane in the fresh snow.
7. Dumbass said on 1/4/19 - 12:47PM
We were up there Wednesday before the storm hit - riding back from Knotted Pine on Thursday night was quite the adventure!!
8. Steve S. said on 1/15/19 - 11:07PM
What is the status up there?
9. Dick T said on 1/16/19 - 08:09AM
Lots of snow! Conditions will vary, mostly due to the amount of traffic on the trails, and how the grooming holds up. Last week has been kinda warm, so it's been soft. Tons of people out riding. Finally cooling off.
10. John Hoffman said on 1/21/19 - 07:22PM
Is there any way to get a map showing a few of the better forest roads?
11. Mooseshed Matt said on 1/24/19 - 11:21PM
Came up for an over night put 120 miles on.trails are like GLASS! Never seen trails so nice! Hayley was nice enough to do a jig with me next to the fireplace!
12. Ryan said on 2/1/19 - 01:51PM
How's snow, is it deep off trail? Headed up next weekend, see you soon!
13. Steve S. said on 2/6/19 - 11:41PM
Keep watch up there at the Trestle Inn- a wild group of guys from the Klever Racing Team are headed that way!
14. Frank in Elgin, MN said on 2/20/19 - 06:30PM
Guys like to ride.
15. Dave said on 3/14/19 - 11:09AM
Looking for a trail report as related to all the rain?
16. sue said on 3/15/19 - 08:34PM
we had a lot of rain, but the trails have held up great! we still have several feet snow base, and lots of riders having a good time, and as far as I know they will still be grooming.
17. Ramertt said on 3/26/19 - 08:35PM
Anyone up there still riding sleds?
18. sue said on 3/28/19 - 12:35PM
there are a few die hards out there but the trails are in pretty bad shape.
19. Karen C. said on 4/7/19 - 07:14PM
Are there many UTV trails around the Trestle Inn? Not for now, maybe in May or June?
20. Sue said on 4/9/19 - 06:34PM
Yes we have several trails we have the new prospectors loop trail which starts here at the trestle. There is also the bone lake trail as well as county roads are open.
21. Bill said on 4/13/19 - 12:46AM
Does anyone know if the Beaver River Road and maybe the Heffelfinger Road are passable in an ATV?
22. Dave said on 5/23/19 - 02:00PM
Sue: was this last season the best snow ever near the Trestle for snowmobiling? Longest riding season?
23. sue said on 5/24/19 - 11:56AM
it was right up there with one of the best,the riding season was about avarage in length.

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Summertime at the Trestle Inn 2011. Looking forward to our winter wonderland covered in deep snow. Bring it on Mother Nature. Fill that forest. Dump the white gold. Thank you for the cold and ice. Can we bribe you with cocoa and cheesecake?
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