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Trail Talk Fall & Winter Season 2017-2018

by Susan Butler on 08/27/17

New trails being completed! Riding has never been better.

Comments (63)

1. Dick T said on 8/30/17 - 11:46PM
YEA!! I'm number one! Hope to get up for my usual fare soon... Hi, Y'all.
2. Crystal said on 11/9/17 - 02:01PM
Hey Everyone! I believe fall is officially over and winter has begun. We currently have about a foot of snow on the ground and ice has begun to cover the lakes! We had a record year for our first sledder showing up on October 27th! We haven't had any updates regarding the fire roads, but we are looking forward to a Fun and Snowy riding season!
3. Brad in Byron Minnesota said on 11/15/17 - 10:53AM
Hope to be riding fire-roads for a few hours November 25th around the Trestle Inn!
4. Ron in Lakeville said on 11/20/17 - 11:35AM
Rode fire-roads near the Trestle this past Saturday. Two Island River Road, 600 Road, etc. More snow as you go inland from the lake. There's a good inch or two of ice under the snow so no gravel appeared. 2.5" tracks were ok with the amount of snow... no overheating. Back up this weekend for more.
5. Orrin said on 11/29/17 - 11:32AM
Being the trails open on Dec. 1 is the area ready to accomidate the early riding season.
6. sue said on 11/29/17 - 05:02PM
I am afraid not,we had some rain and the trails are not good yet, but there is trail work being done,having some trouble with beaver dams flooding parts of the trails,they are trying to blow them up,but so far it looks like the beavers are winning!We re waiting for snow!
7. Matt & Carissa said on 12/4/17 - 07:23PM
Hi there! We're looking to make a "new home" for our snowmobiles! We loved it there so much that we would like to stay at the cabin again and eat at the restaurant. Is there anywhere nearby that has storage to store snowmobiles? It would be nice to just drive up there and ride! I'm sitting here pouting listening to the rain! Carissa loved the decor of the inn! We can't wait to see the cabins! Matt and Carissa
8. Ray in Mora said on 12/12/17 - 01:20PM
Snows coming tonight near the Trestle!! Checked nohrsc web site and NE MN has same snow as Northern Michigan. By tonight MN might have more. Supposed to snow on Saturday in NE MN as well. Might have enough snow to ride the fire-roads this weekend. Any groupons available for the Trestle?
9. sue said on 12/13/17 - 02:45PM
we got about 10 to 12 in. of snow last night ! fire roads should be a blast, lakes are about 8 in in ice depth. I have not seen any action on trails yet.starting to look pretty hopeful,
10. Ron in Lakeville said on 12/18/17 - 07:53AM
Rode the North Shore State Trail from Cook County 2 (up the hill from Tofte) to the Trestle. Rode back on the 600 road. Trails rolled and setup nicely. Very bumpy on the Tomahawk but passable. No rock or dirt exposed on the trail so there's enough base to ride. Had a few small creeks to cross that had running water. If you take it easy then the trails are rideable.
11. Rob said on 12/26/17 - 09:06AM
Anyone ride over the Christmas weekend? Planning on coming up over New Years!
12. Jeremy said on 12/30/17 - 05:29PM
Thank you for the great hospitality as always. The forest roads are great. We took the state trail from the Trestle to Devils track. The state trail was not terrible, but more snow would most certainly benefit the grooming activities. It was good early season riding.
13. Matt in Minneapolis said on 1/8/18 - 09:49AM
Many riders out this past weekend?
14. sue said on 1/8/18 - 12:36PM
we had alot of riders this weekend saying it was pretty good and most trails groomed. hopeing for some snow this week.
15. Wolfie said on 1/14/18 - 01:44PM
How are the trails from Finland to Grand Marais? We might come up this week.
16. Dumbass said on 1/14/18 - 08:49PM
Wolfie: Mint
17. Mark said on 1/24/18 - 02:07PM
Trail report.
18. Brad in Ham Lake said on 1/25/18 - 11:33AM
Almost perfect trails last weekend. Even Saturday afternoon wasn't bad bump-wise. Rode north of Lake County 8 on the North Shore State Trail... Gunflint trail area has a little more snow (North of Grand Marais, MN).
19. Roger B said on 1/28/18 - 11:02PM
What are the 4 wheeling opportunities like around the Tressle Inn? What are the rules for riding on roads and trails in the area? Do people ride long distances like snowmobiling or usually from their cabin for a burger? I am looking for a 4 wheeling destination whereIcan put on some miles and see the sites.
20. ChadJ said on 1/29/18 - 08:27AM
Roger, one good resource is the Superior National forest website, that is where they have maps that show which roads and trails are open to ATV’s and OHV’s.
21. Dick T said on 1/29/18 - 10:33PM
Roger, Keep your ATV off the roads and trails during snowmobile season. All the trails are off limits, and they don't belong chewing up the roads either. Wait until after the season DESIGNATED for ATV riding starts, which begins May 15 thru November 30. In Wisconsin, shared trails are available, but they are only open when temps are below 30°, and are listed. Keep in mind, most trails are not shared there, either. The Finland area has just started becoming a viable destination area over the last few years. The Prospectors Loop is a main trail system, but the trail into Ely isn't open yet. It is slated to get finished in a year or two, depending. You can get to Babbitt, however. There aren't a lot of true "trails", but abandoned roads are more common. Some trails are open to class 1 and 2 vehicles, and most are not open to 65" wide side by sides.
22. Steve said on 1/30/18 - 02:37PM
Will be riding from Silver Bay to Isabella; how are the trails looking
23. Seef158 said on 1/31/18 - 07:47AM
Rode from silver bay up around finland this past saturday, the trails are hard an a lot of. Rocks, they need snow but it is rideable. Better as you get inland from tje lake, just like always.
24. dave said on 1/31/18 - 10:03AM
settle down Dick T. are you one of those uptight passive-aggressive midwesterners? Roger was just asking a question. Do you own every trail in northern MN? Geez.
25. Matt in Forest Lake said on 1/31/18 - 10:34AM
Been up there in the summer time and there's lots of off-road/dirt riding to be had. Look-up Lake and Cook county ordinances for wheelers. Skinny side-by-sides are ok on most county roads. basically unless it says no wheelers/atv's your OK. The AmericInn in Silver Bay also has lots of ATV's riding out of there in the Summer. Ride to the Trestle and back? Wheeling around now wouldn't be too fun in my opinion. Could be done...
26. Me said on 1/31/18 - 04:11PM
settle down dave, you are one of those uptight passive-aggressives. Geez
27. Menu question said on 2/1/18 - 08:09AM
Your online menu has a BLT... one you hand out there doesn't... available?
28. me too said on 2/1/18 - 12:51PM
dont go here, dont go there! Stay off this, stay off that!...........but bring your money from the metro area and give it to us. geez.
29. Dick T said on 2/1/18 - 11:37PM
It takes thousands of dollars, and thousands of volunteer hours to build and maintain trails... and obtain easements from private property owners along many of these snowmobile trails. If you can't respect the basic tenets of trail use, stay home!
30. Dict T said on 2/2/18 - 08:27AM
I'm a whiner
31. GTL said on 2/3/18 - 08:28AM
Now that they have power, it would be nice if someone would set them up with a 24/7 webcam. It's great to SEE the conditions.
32. GTL said on 2/3/18 - 08:29AM
Now that they have power, it would be nice if someone would set them up with a 24/7 webcam. It's great to SEE the conditions.
33. Dick T said on 2/3/18 - 08:07PM
NSST trails were good to great today! Rode from Silver Bay to Lutsen area. Some ice showing as the hardpack gets swept off, but smooth, and fun. Tomahawk was just groomed west to Isabella last night, guys said those trails were excellent.
34. dick too said on 2/7/18 - 01:16PM
gosh dick, thanks for the update. I'd love to come see for myself, but I'm not sure you'd "allow" me to ride on apparently what are YOUR trails. I guess I will take my hard earned money and spend it someplace else on the north shore. Sorry'll have to survive without me. Thanks for dictating what we can and can't do dick. Do you control everyone, or are you just an uptight insecure little fella? Happy riding!
35. dick too said on 2/7/18 - 01:17PM
and by the way dick, those thousands of dollars it takes come from THE STATE. Not your pocket.....MY TAX DOLLARS. Chew on that....
36. Matt and Carissa said on 2/9/18 - 02:26AM
Trail Report please!!! We have rented a cabin and are coming all the way from Blaine! Were super excited and it's Carissa's birthday when were there! :)
37. Dick is right said on 2/9/18 - 11:36AM
As we all no atv's and side by sides are not to be on snowmobile trail's during the winter season for all of you whiner's from the metro whom think your .... dont stink look int the rules and regulations from your local DNR. Or come up and give your hard earned cash to our friend's in law inforcement.
38. Snipes said on 2/9/18 - 09:58PM
What’s it like? Condition report please
39. sue said on 2/12/18 - 12:24PM
trails are pretty good and being groomed, but we could use some snow, traffic has been heavy, Please keep this blog friendly, Its ment for snowmobilers to share trail and snow conditions and we welcome all, have fun out there, and be safe,
40. Admin said on 2/13/18 - 01:06PM
Admin can delete entries that are not snow condition related.... would reduce the fame of Dick T. though but I don't think he'd mind.
41. Robb said on 2/18/18 - 05:57PM
Hey guys. Thought I'd let you know we got about 12in of new snow. Supposed to get more snow later this week. I'll let you know what we end up with. If you're looking to go riding come on up.
42. Pat said on 3/1/18 - 07:05PM
Trails are fabulous. Rode from Finland to the Trestle on the State trail then headed to Lutsen. Well groomed and a lot of snow. Trails and weather couldn’t be better.
43. Scot T said on 3/8/18 - 06:55PM
Am hoping to get up to ride this weekend, anyone know the latest trail conditions please?
44. Dumbass said on 3/9/18 - 08:44AM
From a buddy that was up there this week, he said its like the dead of winter up there, plenty of snow, trails were perfect.
45. Ramertt said on 3/14/18 - 11:51AM
Ok I see the trail condition comments from 3/9/2018. Looking to get one last ride in. How are the trails holding up? Are they still being groomed?
46. Google It said on 3/14/18 - 01:04PM
Comment details: (updated March 8, 2018) The entire trail has been groomed this week and the entire trail is slated to be groomed again on Friday & Saturday night. There is a 2-6" base from Duluth to Finland and between a 4-6" base from Finland to Grand Marais. Please slow down & use caution especially where logging operations are occurring & when meeting a groomer. Please be aware of icy areas along the trail. Trail conditions will change due to use and the weather. Warmer temperatures are in the forecast which could interrupt our grooming schedule.
47. Roger B said on 3/19/18 - 09:27PM
Awe crap guys, sorry to start a fight. I should have stated I was thinking of summertime riding. I understand how my question was misread. I would never ride a wheeler on a snogo trail in winter. I am giving up my snowmobiling days and am thinking of just riding wheelers in the summer. Hence, my question on trail availability. In the summertime can you ride on the dirt roads legally? I am hoping the trails develop up there to provide long distance riding similar to snowmobile riding. Thanks for the info guys, I appreciate it.
48. Mark said on 3/23/18 - 04:15PM
Trail conditions, are they still grooming.
49. sue said on 3/23/18 - 06:16PM
I,m hearing the trails are pretty good to fair, they said the yukon is good and the tomahawk is good to isabella but not past that,the state is good in spots and dirt in spots,some grooming is still being done,
50. Mark in ham lake said on 3/28/18 - 07:36PM
I’m riding this weekend near the Trestle to get one more ride in for this year Trestle inn + Rob = happy fun time
51. Doneri said on 4/3/18 - 12:40PM
Under en nu av våra resor till Minnesota blev vi bjudna till denna restaurang. Från stället vi bodde körde vi på små skogsbilvägar längre och längre in i skogen, och helt plötsligt fanns denna restaurang där. På fredagar och lördagar har dom Ät så mycket revbensspjäll du vill för ca 15 dollar, och maten, miljön och servicen är suverän. Ställ in GPS,en och ta er en resa till detta ställe.
52. Dick T said on 4/6/18 - 08:36PM
^^^ Loosely translated: During one of our travels to Minnesota we were invited to this restaurant. From the place we lived we drove on small forest roads further and further into the forest, and all of a sudden there was this restaurant there. On Fridays and Saturdays they have so much spare ribs you want for about 15 dollars, and the food, the environment and the service is superb. Set up GPS, one and take a trip to this place.
53. Brad in Byron, MN said on 4/9/18 - 02:42PM
Still riding on fire-roads and in the woods?
54. Dick T said on 4/10/18 - 10:44AM
Still plenty of snow around, but there are numerous open patches, some of which are impossible to avoid, where gravel, dirt, and rocks pop through. Hard and icy in the mornings, and as temps climb in the afternoons, they will soften up some. Not much running water/creeks yet. North of Finland had a few miles of fairly gnarly stuff. Plan your fuel stops, anything by the lake is toast for trails. Some trails have some excellent riding still, just watch for those open spots.
55. Ron in Lakeville said on 4/23/18 - 10:07AM
Riding was great this past weekend. Yes we know the grant in aid trails are closed but we don't ride those even during the season. Rode the 600 Road, FR350, and the main trail a little. Snow was consistent on the 600 road with no bare spots and just a little running water. Found a couple spots back in the woods where we could do powder turns. The tricky part was getting to the Trestle but there was enough snow on the shady side of the road in the ditch to make it. Saw two other snowmobilers Saturday who reported having a good time as well. 8 months until the next ride.
56. Gary in Ham Lake said on 5/22/18 - 11:25AM
7 months until we ride again!!!!!
57. Ham in Brad Lake said on 6/26/18 - 02:42PM
6 Months to go until next year's riding season.!!!!!!! 1/2 year away.
58. Don R. said on 9/10/18 - 02:59PM
Might be able to ride close to Thanksgiving weekend this year... that'd put the waiting at 10 weeks or so. Get your sleds ready soon. Supposed to he a cold/snowy winter this year. And, hopefully the BLT makes a come back at the Trestle.???
59. Brad in Byron, MN said on 10/5/18 - 07:02PM
looks like it snowed 4 or 5 inches last night near the Trestle Inn last night. We hope to be riding snowmobile around the Trestle the Saturday after Thanksgiving this year. Hopefully the BLT is back on the menu??? Please???????
60. Rod in Des Moines, IA said on 10/23/18 - 09:45AM
Riding in 1 month!
61. BLT said on 11/14/18 - 02:46PM
Bacon Lettuce Tomato 2 more weeks!
62. Orrin said on 11/20/18 - 09:24AM
When are we going to see current info on the 2018-2019 riding season. Things are coming up quickly with snow on the ground in some area's HOW MUCH SNOW IS ON THE GROUND. Thanks
63. Ron in Lakeville said on 11/20/18 - 12:51PM
Snow pics are posted on the Trestle facebook page sometimes.... here's to having enough snow on the ground to ride in a couple weeks.!!

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