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Winter 2016 - 2017 Trail Talk

by Susan Butler on 11/19/16

Hello Everyone!  We received 6 inches of new snow!  The trails open on December 1st.  We will keep you posted on the trail and snow conditions.  We are excited for another fun adventurous season!

Comments (57)

1. Dave Spooner said on 11/25/16 - 09:34PM
Hey Rob - Still there or trucking the long roads.... Just checking in. Sleds and trailer totaled due to storms... Just waiting for checks.... Not that I judge but a guy that looked like you in a Ford with a Summit in the back running the wrong way down 3rd street in Duluth looked just like you... It was hilarious s..
2. Ron in Lakeville said on 12/7/16 - 11:22AM
How are things shaping up snow-wise?
3. Crystal said on 12/10/16 - 12:11PM
Hi Ron, Currently we have 6-7 inches on the ground, with more snow in the forecast beginning tonight. The average ice depth on the lakes is 1-2 inches. Robb and a few other sleds have been out enjoying the fire roads.
4. Robb said on 12/12/16 - 03:49PM
Hey guys! Went for a ride Thursday! Only put on 15 miles on the forest roads. It was a good ride. Sunday we got about o 8 inches of new snow. Haven't heard about ice on a few days so no info there. I'll let ya know.
5. Don said on 12/14/16 - 11:51AM
Are they able to groom yet or still waiting for frost?
6. Robb said on 12/14/16 - 12:46PM
Hey guys! Went for a ride yesterday! The tomahawk wasn't too bad. Needs more snow and the grass and stuff run over and packed down. Forest roads were OK, have to deal with ruts from trucks. Haven't heard anything about a groomer at the resort yet. I'll be going to the next Ely igloo meeting this month. I'll let ya know.
7. Tom said on 12/20/16 - 12:17PM
Any word on ice condition on the lakes up there?
8. Bill said on 12/21/16 - 12:21AM
Any idea on how the Tomahawk Trail looks? Looking to come over from Babbitt this Friday...thx
9. Daniel said on 12/21/16 - 09:54PM
Would love to hear how the trails are nearby....have my son home from the military and we've been talking about a ride to Trestle for a few years. Could be there on Monday....
10. Robb said on 12/22/16 - 03:35PM
Hey guys! Gary and I went out Tuesday and worked on clearing the tomahawk. Got 6 miles cleared before we ran outta gas in the saws and had totally dull chains! Lot of big stuff on the ground. Gary and Weezer went yesterday but I don't know how far they got. We had 10+ on the ground and got another 4 - 5 yesterday. Forecast for this weekend is 11 - 14 inches on Sunday! Talked with the trail coordinator in Ely today. He's hoping to have a groomer at the resort Saturday, but most likely middle of next week. If I want at the bar today I'd be out riding. Oh yeah should tell you that the new shower building at the resort should be open middle of January!! So if call and book a cabin soon! That's what I know!
11. Pat said on 12/26/16 - 09:42AM
It looks like you guys got some snow yesterday. I'm looking to come up this coming weekend. Any information on grooming and trail conditions would be great. I'll check back here each day for the week in hopes of a trail report. Thanks guys!
12. Jeremy said on 12/26/16 - 01:33PM
Might make a day trip up tomorrow. How are the trails?
13. Robb said on 12/26/16 - 02:30PM
Hey guys. We got 6 - 8 last night. No clue when any trails will be groomed. It's a heavy wet snow we got. Soon as I'm done pushing snow I'm going riding! When I know anything I'll let ya know.
14. Jeremy said on 12/26/16 - 02:36PM
Thanks Robb. That would be great!
15. Jeremy said on 12/27/16 - 04:46PM
Any trail updates? Have the groomers been out?
16. Orrin said on 12/28/16 - 07:45PM
Any word on grooming schedule
17. Butch said on 12/28/16 - 09:12PM
Coming up this weekend to ride. Running out of Beaver Bay....can someone give me some feedback on what trails and open, groomed and cleared.
18. Katie said on 12/29/16 - 08:11PM
We have been riding the Northshore trail the last few days, trails are fair to Good heading from silverbay north. Most have been groomed and are decent. The tomahawk trail had not been groomed yet as of Wed evening.
19. robb said on 1/1/17 - 11:18PM
hey guys! it finally has happened! yep the tomahawk got groomed! ok only from the state trail to the trestle. but it got groomed. the trail from trestle to the pine got rolled. not sure when any of it will get groomed next. forecast is for snow. a backpack was found on the tomahawk today. it is at the bar. please call the bar and identify it. i'll try and let ya know if things are gonna happen. r
20. Ron in Lakeville said on 1/3/17 - 10:42AM
Is the Trestle serving breakfast this weekend?
21. Dumbass said on 1/5/17 - 10:38AM
Has the Tomahawk been groomed from Ely? See you guys this weekend!
22. Wolfie said on 1/12/17 - 03:54PM
How are the trails like, were thinking of coming up on 1/18.
23. sue said on 1/12/17 - 05:10PM
state trail is groomed and so is yukon,finland,silver bay. tomahawk, is groomed to trestle, but not so much to the knotted pine yet, snow depths are at 3 plus feet.
24. Dumbass said on 1/13/17 - 11:20AM
There is plenty of snow everywhere up there, if the trail gets groomed, it will be MINT. If 100 sleds go over it in a couple hours, it may not be quite so MINT, but you won't be hitting any rocks or anything pretty much anywhere up there. Get up and ride!
25. Luke said on 1/16/17 - 08:33AM
Great ride up there this weekend, started in two harbors, and went up the Yukon to knotted pine and then over to the trestle for lunch. Took NSST home, 180-ish mile day, great trails all around, no shortage of snow and great service as always at the trestle!
26. Dick T said on 1/23/17 - 12:31AM
Rode up through the fog, mist, and light rain. Saturday 21st... Trails were surprisingly holding up very well with all the warm temps over the last few daze. Logging area was scant on snow cover, but sides were available to help cool- otherwise only a few brown stretches, and no real exposed dirt, except the aforementioned road. 600 road was smooth. Lower Tomahawk was actually decent today. Not very many sleds out. Nice to get up for my favorite burger, see who's out and about. We'll be up there again next weekend!!
27. G Money said on 1/24/17 - 10:49AM
Hello....I'm looking for an update on trail conditions after the warm weather.
28. Todd in Ham Lake said on 1/25/17 - 10:16AM
Trail conditions are good.... Check the DNR web site for good reports of snow depth and what's been groomed. Every weekend is the same deal; decent trails except for Saturday afternoon's where they get bumpy. Sunday mornings are usually perfect trail-wise. We're up North riding this weekend an will be on-trail as there's not enough snow for powder turning.
29. CQ said on 1/25/17 - 05:45PM
Ely area chamber of commerce lies! The taconite or tomahawk haven't seen a groomer in a week. Absolutely horrible. North Shore is a 5out of 10. Moose trails are great, lutsen area "109's" are great as is the Gun flint. Just rode down from Gun flint lodge to Ely today.
30. CQ said on 1/25/17 - 06:00PM
Update: just talked to Knotted pine and groomer headed north on Tomahawk at 5:30. I'll post tomorrow after we get to knotted pine for lunch.
31. CQ said on 1/26/17 - 01:22PM
Just rode from Ely to Two Harbors Staging area. The Tomahawk was not groomed last night and is all moguls. The Yukon was in great shape for conditions.
32. Dick T said on 1/29/17 - 01:49AM
Rode from Silver Bay to Skyport/Devil Track via the fabulous NSST on Friday, bumped up a bit north of Silver bay to Finland, then they groomed again Friday, smoothed out 99% of them. Not many sleds out Fri or Sat, although parking at the Trestle was getting busy today (Sat). Tomahawk from Trestle to Timber Wolf was 95% good, couple bad spots- marked with trees where trail was washed out when we rode it later in the afternoon. Timber Wolf a bit ruff. Approx. a mile of the logging road from #8 northbound had better snow cover compared to last week, pulled in from sides, but that stirred up quite a few loose rocks. 600 road was great. "New" north loops that the "old" NSST instead of the 600 road west of the Sawbill are very nice now. Lutsen trails good, Fox, Lynx were OK, but icy. Eagle was good too. Better snow the further north you go. Have fun if you go. Thanks to the great crew at the Trestle, our group got fast friendly service AGAIN!!
33. Crystal said on 1/29/17 - 08:25PM
Heads up...The groomer stopped by to mention a wash out on the Tomahawk between mile marker 62.5 -63. He also mentioned it is wide enough to get through the trail and marked with action tape.
34. Ron in Lakeville said on 2/2/17 - 09:57AM
Any fluffy stuff fall in the last week? Scratchers down for this weekends riding?
35. Wolfie said on 2/8/17 - 01:44PM
How much snow did you get over the last few days? How are the trails?
36. Dan said on 2/10/17 - 01:38PM
Hey Ron and Wolfie, The trails must be bad. If they were good, somebody would of said something by now.
37. Robb said on 2/15/17 - 06:57AM
Hey guys! Been really busy here. We got a bunch of snow a week ago. Trails were really good! Gary groomed the trail from the trestle to the state trail last night. I'll try and be better about posting.
38. Rob said on 2/15/17 - 01:45PM
I like butter
39. paul said on 2/16/17 - 10:20PM
Went to the trestle this past week. Trails were awesome, food was fabulous. Our group of sleds put on 256 miles that day. Great time.
40. Robb said on 2/17/17 - 10:04AM
Hey guys! Gary groomed from trestle to the state trail and back last night. Also saw the Finland groomer out last night. Hope the warm weather doesn't last. Forecast for late next week looks good for slow.
41. Ella Hall Ely said on 2/18/17 - 08:39AM
Glad you like butter. After yesterday its toast!
42. Jeremy said on 2/21/17 - 09:51PM
How has the snow held up?
43. Trainwreck said on 2/22/17 - 01:40PM
Rideable, but slow going. A lot of dirt patches. Rode from Pike Lake to the Trestle. Worth it for a trainwreck.
44. Troy said on 2/23/17 - 01:39PM
Which Pike lake? Not the one near Duluth?
45. Dave S said on 2/24/17 - 01:37PM
Hi Rob, How are the trails now after Mondays rain? Any updates?
46. Crystal said on 2/24/17 - 05:51PM
We still have a about a two foot base. They have been working on grooming the state trails. The Tomahawk trail from the Knotted Pine to the Trestle is being groomed tonight. The Tomahawk trail from the Trestle to the State trail is supposed to be groomed either tonight or tomorrow. People are reporting the fire roads are in great shape!
47. Robb said on 2/25/17 - 09:54AM
The trail from trestle inn to the state trail got groomed last night!
48. Todd said on 2/28/17 - 08:12AM
What is the latest word on conditions - any recent snow accumulations?
49. Jim said on 3/2/17 - 10:32PM
Rode out of Tofte to Grand Marais yesterday and thought the state trail was great. Headed back to the Trestle and the only rough stretch was about five miles before the Tomahawk on the state trail. 130 miles of smiles.
50. Dumbass said on 3/4/17 - 03:08PM
As Jim said, trails were really good the last three days - not sure how they will hold with all the sleds up there this weekend and the forecast, ride while you can!
51. Jim said on 3/5/17 - 04:51PM
Hey Dumbass, I was the guy sitting right next to you at the Trestle last Weds night when you guys stopped in. Planning on riding again this coming Friday if the rain doesn't kill what's left of a already disappointing season. Happy trails until next Winter.
52. Dumbass said on 3/5/17 - 08:02PM
I remember, nice to see you again..... Good luck! Let me know how it is!
53. Dave said on 3/9/17 - 05:38PM
Whats left for snow after the rain this week? Heard trails were decent north of there last weekend? Wondering if I can get one last ride in this season.
54. Northshore Rider said on 3/10/17 - 09:43AM Comment details: (updated March 9, 2017) The trail from Finland to the Gunflint Trail was last groomed on Saturday, March 4th. There is between 0-21” of snow in the woods and between a 0-3” base on the trail. The rain that we received on Monday, March 6th that reached all the way up the shore has deteriorated the base that remained on the trail. The trail base near the Caribou Parking Lot by Lutsen is hard packed and very icy, there isn’t any loose snow left on the trail. We won’t be able to do anymore grooming until we get more snow. If you do go riding please slow down and use extreme caution.
55. Ron in Lakeville said on 3/17/17 - 08:48AM
Well it snowed last night on at least parts of the north shore. We're headed up to ride this weekend....
56. Ron in Lakeville said on 3/20/17 - 08:34AM
We rode Saturday from Schroeder to the Trestle, up to Devils Track Lake, back to the Trestle... Conditions were excellent on the 600 road with lots of snow. The trails were great in the morning with around 3 to 4" of new snow on a minimal hard-packed snow base. AM: The only dirt showing was just north of Cook County 2 on the North Shore State Trail. By the afternoon the trails were losing snow quickly. Great day of riding but more snow is required to ride the NSST. The fireroads (600 road/2 Island river road/...) are still mostly snow covered and rideable.. bring your map or GPS if you ride.
57. Dave in SE MN said on 5/4/17 - 01:07PM
ATV starts May 15th or so? Forest roads are open now around the Trestle? Thanks.

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