Winter Season 2015 - 2016 : Trestle Inn Trail Talk. It's where we meet.
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Winter Season 2015 - 2016

by Susan Butler on 11/27/15

hey guys!!  sorry took so long!  here is what i can tell you so far.  we have about 3 inches on the ground today!  most of the lakes are froze over!!  now for the big news.  the last igloo meeting i was at they were seriously talking about parking a groomer and drag at the resort!  specifically to do the trail from here to the northshore trail and back!!  haven't heard anything since that meeting.  talk to ya all soon!!!


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1. Deano said on 11/30/15 - 02:02PM
Fantastic! Looks like another 6 on the way??? Glad to hear about the lakes freezing - no ice to speak of in the cities. Let it snow. Have a great week!
2. Ron in Lakeville said on 11/30/15 - 03:44PM
Here's to the swamp freezing over quickly this year! first snowmobile arrives to the Trestle this weekend?
3. Swedish Mafia said on 12/1/15 - 10:29AM
Cant wait to get some ridin' in at the Tressle! You guys have a great place and always treat us good!
4. robb said on 12/3/15 - 11:53AM
hey ron! first sled was here on wednesday!! rode a little over 20 miles! the forest roads were great:)
5. Jeremy said on 12/9/15 - 07:04PM
Hi Rob. How are the lakes (ice)and existing snow holding up. Looks like the next week has some great potential for snow up your way. Hope to lake it up the weekend of the 19th of Mother Nature permits.
6. robb said on 12/10/15 - 01:05PM
hey! don't have any information on ice thickness yet. did see 2 guys on cramer lake yesterday fishing! didn't get out on the sled this week:( but the forest roads still look pretty good. forecast looks good for snow this weekend and early next week. when i know more i'll let ya know!! r
7. robb said on 12/10/15 - 02:27PM
good news for everyone that uses a credit card! the trestle inn now has an atm!! no more running to tofte or finland to get cash!!
8. Dave S said on 12/16/15 - 09:17AM
Hi Rob, Getting any snow out of this storm? Only a couple inches south of Duluth and raining now....
9. toddw said on 12/17/15 - 01:19PM
Do you think the groomers will be out this weekend?
10. robb said on 12/19/15 - 11:11AM
hey guys!! we got snow!! there is 12-15 out there! had a lot of trees come down in this last snow. so if you are out riding be aware that you might have to move or cut some trees. the groomers won't be out till the trails and swamps are packed. so if you are out riding ride side by side and get it packed!! hit me up if you need more info!
11. robb said on 12/20/15 - 02:18PM
hey guys!! what i got from talking to the guys out riding yesterday is! that it isn't too bad. lots of trees down, but they had a great time. the big idea was to bring a cordless sawzall with a long blade to cut the branches! that is what i know!!!
12. robb said on 12/22/15 - 03:53PM
hey! went for a ride yesterday! the trail is kinda tough! lots of trees down and smaller trees bent over in the trail. hope to hear from the igloo's about groomer! as of sunday it wasn't in isabella. today when i went to town i saw that the state trail from finland north was groomed!! come on up! bring a saw but come on up riding was pretty good!! i'll let ya know what i know when i know it!!
13. Elf not on a shelf; in Lakeville said on 12/24/15 - 08:17AM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Our first riding weekend is Jan 9th... Should have a couple feet of snow by then around the Trestle.
14. Jason said on 12/25/15 - 05:16PM
Any updates on ice thickness? Thanks.
15. robb said on 12/27/15 - 10:20AM
hey guys!! we got 2-3 earlier this week, and another 2-3 yesterday/last night! the state trail from finland north was groomed on tuesday. the tomahawk is still in need of trail work. lots of trees and brush down from the heavy wet snow we been getting. so! if ya got a saw and time the trail could use a bit of tlc! ice not really sure what to say! have heard that wilson has 6" of clear ice and 2" of cloudy ice. that being said 2 guys sunk their sleds on wilson yesterday. i am gonna stay off the lakes for a bit yet. the swamps still have open water. be safe not stupid! i'll let ya know what i know!!!!
16. Jeremy said on 12/27/15 - 07:13PM
Thanks for the update Rob. Looks like some cold weather this week to help with the ice. See you Thursday night
17. robb said on 12/28/15 - 08:37AM
you betcha jeremy! the cold should help the ice! need to try and get out and clear some brush this week and open the trail up!
18. Minnesota Riders said on 12/30/15 - 07:33AM
Von Voyage Rob! Thanks for the great times at the Trestle. Hopefully you'll still be hanging around when your not working your new job.
19. Dave S said on 12/30/15 - 09:25PM
New job Rob? Congrats! But who will just put our order in when we walk in the door? LOL! I guess maybe I'll have to look at the menu now! Where you headed to?
20. Dick T said on 12/31/15 - 12:25AM
Happy Trails, Robb!! Keep that February pic around as a reminder how things look when yer out and about!! Thanks for all the hard times when we show up, and of course, the delicious burgers. We'll try to keep the new help in line while we're there!! Best wishes on yer new venture!! Happy New Year, Buddy!
21. Ben said on 1/2/16 - 11:04PM
The trails out of silver bay were awesome today. I wish I had the time to volunteer for clean up on the side trails.
22. robb said on 1/3/16 - 02:04PM
hey guys! my departure date has been pushed back a couple weeks! been super busy here at the trestle!! so! sorry for the lack of a trail report. here is what i know. the state and the timber wolf trails are being groomed. the tomahawk is open. lots of thanks to gary, big al, weezer, troy, travis, tk and anyone else who helped open up the tomahawk. gary and his crew opened from the state trail to the trestle 14' wide. guys from ely opened from the trestle to the knotted pine some of it is single file, but you can get through! the ely club brought the drag to the resort! not sure when but they thought the next day or two they will have the tractor here!! forecast looks like snow is on the way. that is what i know for now!!!
23. robb said on 1/7/16 - 09:52PM
ok! we got a groomer parked at the resort!! todd groomed today from the trestle to the state trail! took him a really long time, he said he was going about 6 miles an hour!! he also groomed/panned from the trestle to the general grade road. the trail from the grade to the knotted pine is open, single lane in spots, but you can get through. so if anyone has some time to help we still need help getting the trail opened up so todd can groom it all. we could use all the help we could get!!! that is what i know for now!!
24. robb said on 1/8/16 - 09:39PM
I'd like to congratulate Troy and Amy! They got married at the Trestle tonight!!! We got about 3 inches of new snow yesterday and last night. Tomahawk is gonna get groomed tomorrow! That's all I know now
25. Cole said on 1/10/16 - 12:01PM
Hey guys quick question. Any idea how long of a ride it is to get from Ely, or more specifically trails end, to trestle?
26. robb said on 1/10/16 - 01:06PM
hey cole! kinda hard to answer that question. the tomahawk between here and ely still has spots where it is single file. the guys are working hard on getting the trail open so it can be groomed. not sure about ely to the knotted pine, but from the general grade road to the state trail has been groomed twice. so if anyone has some time could still use help with getting the trail open! currently we have 8 guys from ely and 8 guys from this end of the trail working on opening up the trail. that's what i know
27. Cole said on 1/10/16 - 01:16PM
Thanks Rob. We won't be up until February 3rd so hopefully trails are good to go then. In ideal conditions what would you say? Half day or full day?
28. Dumbass said on 1/11/16 - 12:49PM
Cole, I think the sign said 46 miles or something to Ely from the Tomahawk where it splits to go to Isabella/Knotted Pine. From there its about 20 miles to the Trestle Inn. So give or take 60-70 miles one way.
29. Cole said on 1/12/16 - 11:32AM
Thanks, I appreciate it.
30. Matt said on 1/13/16 - 09:07PM
Cole Dumbass is correct 60-70 miles one way it is a great ride. Some solid 90 degree bends along the way. It doesn't take as long as you would think. I have ran it many a time. Let me point out the obvious TOP OFF your GAS and Oil and be prepared. Ok entering the CAPTCHA is a real BITCH lets see if 3 times is the charm!
31. tom said on 1/20/16 - 12:13PM
what's the latest trail report from A) Trestle to Knotted Pine B) Knotted Pine to Two Harbors
32. rang said on 1/21/16 - 07:22PM
we are on our way! can't wait to chow on one of those shroooom burgers! the 1993 440 xcr is running great, she hasn't visited the area since the '93 I-500 race from st paul to thunder we are all very happy campers...c u all in the coming week. ps...think snow!
33. Don said on 1/23/16 - 03:35PM
Is the Tomahawk trail groomed yet????
34. Dumbass said on 1/24/16 - 02:59PM
Yes it is Don! But beware, there are still quite a few branches hanging over.
35. Cole said on 1/25/16 - 08:57AM
Any trail reports from this last weekend?
36. robb said on 1/28/16 - 03:40PM
hey guys!! sorry about my absence. way too much going on. here is what i know. all the trails are open and groomed. some spots may be thin from the heavy equipment used to clear the trails of trees and brush. be aware that we still have trees coming down. thanks to all the guys that helped with getting the trails open. most of you know how bad it was out there, we have 5 windows in two groomers that got broke! the tomahawk from the knotted pine to the state trail is scheduled to be groomed friday. hoping we get the snow forecast for this weekend! i'll let ya know r
37. 56 said on 1/29/16 - 11:38AM
Has anyone ridden the Seven Beaver Trail? Can you ride ditches from hoyt lakes to the trail and does it connect back up to the stoney river trails or anything like the finland state forest/moose walk trail map shows? How is that trail? Does it get groomed?
38. robb said on 1/29/16 - 12:01PM
sorry 56 i don't have any information on that for you. i can tell everyone that it is snowing pretty good right now!! forecast is for 2-3 by tonight. thats what i know! r
39. Robb said on 2/1/16 - 09:01AM
Hey guys! Tomahawk from the knotted pine to the trestle was groomed last night. Not sure about when it will be groomed from trestle to the north shore. It's what I know right now! r
40. JoeMomma said on 2/1/16 - 01:27PM
Hey Robb, how'd the high temps last weekend affect the trails?
41. Harriet 6 said on 2/5/16 - 11:53AM
We were up last weekend on Harriet and the smaller lakes have a lot of slush and water on them now with the warmer temps. I tried to open up the trail between Wilson and Sister Lake but have only gotten about half way.
42. Tade said on 2/21/16 - 11:37AM
Is anybody riding the trails today that could update current conditions? 2-21-16
43. Ron in Lakeville said on 3/1/16 - 11:59AM
As of 2/27 it was about 40F during the day. Since it was Saturday the trails were pretty whooped out by mid-afternoon. Forest roads were great though with lots and lots of deep snow around the Trestle. Found waist deep powder along the Grade Road. Even by the Lake we found deep snow and were getting stuck with 154"x2.5" tracks.
44. Deano said on 3/7/16 - 03:19PM
Trestle Inn, we are planning to come up for another fun filled snowmobile weekend for St. Urho's but the nagging question is "will the trail withstand this week to get to Finland on Saturday?" Any updates you can offer would be excellent....thanks again - had a blast a few weeks ago.
45. Ron in Lakeville said on 3/15/16 - 08:25AM
Deano: How'd the weekend go up North? Supposed to rain 2" today and turn into snow tonight with 10" or more expected. Might end up with enough snow for one more trip....
46. Deano said on 3/15/16 - 08:14PM
Ron, the weekend was great...did plenty of riding and the weather provided for some great trail time. We went to Finland Friday night and trail was no problem. We headed to Lutsen on Saturday - state trail had bear spots, but the forest service roads were all snow covered. 8-10 inches this week should be enough for another good weekend. Good luck
47. josifus said on 3/16/16 - 11:38AM
about 10 inches so far! and still coming down. its heavy and wet so I'm sure there will be a lot of branches hanging over the trails, power is out all over the place but the trestle is still good.
48. Ron in Lakeville said on 3/17/16 - 11:32AM
Saw that Lutsen got 12" of snow. Trestle close to the same? We're up North riding this weekend on Saturday. See you Saturday for a LBT sandwhich.
49. Dave S said on 3/18/16 - 02:25PM
I heard a rumor the state was grooming the north shore trail from Finland to Devils Track. Any truth to that? How are trail conditions?
50. Robb said on 3/20/16 - 12:02PM
From what I know. They were grooming from Finland to the Cariboo Trail. The Finland club is done grooming and sounds like Ely is done also. r
51. Ron in Lakeville said on 3/27/16 - 11:42AM
Rode from Schroeder, MN to the Trail Center (gunflint trail) and back yesterday (160+ miles RT) Main trail was smooth but had some dirt showing in some sections. Trails OK north of Lake County 8. South of Lake County 8 the trail's gone... Going North; once you get past the Lutsen trail turn-off on the main trail there was no dirt showing. The Tomahawk is bumpy but has plenty of snow to ride. Powder spots are done as the snow was deep 24"+ but too setup to powder turn.
52. Dick T said on 4/4/16 - 10:52AM
Took a jaunt in the general area Saturday, 4/2. NSST has some bare spots and branches poking through, I left from the Sawbill landing and rode south/west to where the T-hawk comes in, turned back and went up the old detour to the Trestle. 600 road was a bit bumpy, good snow, though. After my usual fare, I went west along 359 and avoided the treetops laying around, snow was good on the roadways, picked up the Tomahawk, that was getting worn through with more exposed stretches of gravel. Got to the Timber Wolf, rode down to the powerlines and decided to go back. Snow was pretty good, but the holes will pop out of nowhere and you can't maintain any speed, nothing impassible. If you like to poke around, yer already on the forest roads anyway, which are still in pretty fair condition.
53. Happy Customer said on 5/4/16 - 09:25AM
Thanks for another year of hospitality during the snowmobiling season!!! Lots of great riding this year around the Trestle. In the next couple years it looks like we'll be able to ATV or Moto around as well..

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