The Trestle Inn is a secluded unique restaurant and saloon nestled deep in the Superior National Forest. Constructed of huge Douglas Fir timbers from a railroad trestle...
218-830-0523                                  RESTAURANT & SALOON

Served with dipping sauce (BBQ, salsa, sweet chili, honey garlic)

Chicken Strips   $8.95
Chicken Wing Dings   $9.95
White Cheddar Cheese Curds   $9.95
Onion Rings   $8.95
Nacho Chips & Cheese   $9.95
Popcorn Shrimp   $8.95 (with cocktail sauce)
Hearty Loggers Potato Skins   $9.95
French Fries   $6.95
Combo Basket   $12.95

                   Your choice of French fries or Potato chips

Trestle Burger 1/2 lb.   $10.95
Juicy plain hamburger (1/3 lb $9.95) with cheese add .50 cents
Trestle Burger Deluxe 1/2 lb.  $11.95
1/2 lb. Juicy hamburger with bacon and cheese! (1/3 lb $9.95)
Hickory Burger 1/2 lb.   $11.95
Hearty bacon cheeseburger with our BBQ sauce! (1/3 lb. $9.95)
Minnesota Burger   $12.95
The Trestle Burger topped with tator tots and
smothered in cream of mushroom soup!
Locomotive   $11.95
Tasty bratwurst patty topped with sauerkraut, mushrooms,
onions & melted Swiss cheese.
Mushroom Burger 1/2 lb.   $11.95
Mushrooms piled high with melted Swiss cheese. (1/3 lb. $9.95)
Trainwreck   $12.95
Beef patty AND Bratwurst patty with bacon and cheese!
Trainwreck with Casualties   $14.95
Beef patty and bratwurst patty with bacon, cheese AND casualties!
What will YOU get on YOURS! Always so tasty and surprising!
Junction Burger 1/2 lb.   $12.95
1/2 lb. Hearty bacon cheeseburger topped with a fried egg! (1/3 lb. $10.95)

Your choice of French fries or potato chips.

Steak Sandwich   $15.95
USDA Choice sirloin steak served on garlic buttered toast
with sauteed mushrooms & onions!
Philly Cheese Steak   $11.95
Tender shaved rib eye piled high with peppers,
onions & melted Swiss cheese!
French Dip   $11.95
Tender shaved roast beef on a fresh hoagie roll with warm au jus!
Chicken Fillet Sandwich   $11.95
Golden fried chicken with lettuce, tomato & mayo on the side.
Pan Fried Walleye Sandwich   $14.95
Served with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce.
B.L.T.   $8.95
Bacon lettuce and tomato!!

Baskets include French fries & cole slaw.

Catch of the Day Fingers   $10.95
  Chicken Strips   $10.95
  Popcorn Shrimp   $10.95

Dinners After 5

Flat Iron Steak   $18.95
A 10 oz. Shoulder cut steak!
USDA Choice Sirloin   $17.95
Boneless, center cut sirloin, done to your specifications!
BBQ Ribs 1/2 Rack   $16.95
Slow roasted & tender! You'll love our homemade BBQ Sauce!
BBQ Ribs Full Rack   $19.95
Slow roasted and tender! Homemade Award Winner BBQ Sauce!
Shrimp Dinner   $19.95
Golden fried shrimp!
Steak & Shrimp   $20.95
USDA Choice sirloin & golden fried shrimp!
Canadian Walleye   $19.95
Cold water Canadian fillet, pan fried and lightly seasoned!
4 Piece Honey Crisp Breaded Chicken   $16.95
Country crisp breading!

  Senior Moments
Choice of potato (baked*, fries, fried) and soup or salad. Senior menu available all day depending on crowds. *Baked potatoes after 5pm.

Petite USDA Choice Sirloin   $11.95
  Pan Fried Walleye   $11.95
  1/4 Country Crisp Chicken   $11.95
  3-Piece Breaded Shrimp   $11.95
  1/3 Rack BBQ Ribs   $11.95

  Kids Favorites
Choice of French fries or potato chips.

Chicken Strips   $6.95
  1/4 Pound Hamburger   $6.95
  Grilled Cheese   $6.95
  Peanut Butter & Jelly   $5.95
  Hot Dog   $5.95
  Fried Egg Sandwich   $5.95

  Side Cars
When a cup or bowl of soup and a great salad
is just what the engineer needs.

Dinner Salad   $7.50
Fresh Spring Mix loaded with available fresh vegetables &
homemade croutons.

Bowl of our "Homemade Soup of the Day"   $7.50
Always fresh home-made and very tasty. A big hit with our customers!
Cup available for $4.95

Bowl of Excellent Homemade Chili   $7.50
(in winter season) Cup also available for $5.95

  Wet Your Whistle

Coffee   $1.50
Cappuccino   $2.00
  Hot Tea   $1.00
  Hot Chocolate   $2.00
Hot Spiced Cider   $2.00
  Large Milk   $2.00       Small milk $1.50
  Soda   $1.95
  Mug of Tap Root Beer   $2.50
  Pitcher of Tap Root Beer   $10.00

~ We serve only homemade sauces ~
No MSG ~ 100% Pure Beef
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I'll have the Locomotive...
Trainwreck with casualties...
Dinner in the woods
Tap Beers
Full Bar
Best Bloody Mary
All you can eat

BBQ Ribs
on Saturday
All you can eat

Fish on Friday
All dinners are served with your choice of potato (baked, fries, home fries) and soup or salad.
Winter Breakfast
Will post when available!

Lunch and Dinner
Sunday - Thursday
11 am - 8 pm
Friday & Saturday
11 am - 10 pm

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Fresh Homemade
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