The Trestle Inn is a secluded unique restaurant and saloon nestled deep in the Superior National Forest. Constructed of huge Douglas Fir timbers from a railroad trestle...

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218-830-0523                                  RESTAURANT & SALOON
I'll have the Locomotive...
Trainwreck with casualties...
Gathering at the Trestle Inn
I know one of these sleds is mine...
Ok, we're done scaring the customers, can we have a little sunshine please?
Forest History Center ~ Logging camps, lumberjacks, equipment and more in a great collection of historic old photographs.

Paul Sundberg Photography ~ Northern Minnesota photographs, the closest thing to being here. The seasons (autumn colors) on our back roads are among the best of Minnesota's scenic drives.

Rail Pictures ~ Where everything is better spiked...

Schmidt Beer Vintage Commercial ~ Filmed in 1988 at the Trestle Inn, an old retro television commercial for Schmidts Beer.
I just love exploring the Superior National Forest...
Charlie prefers the snow and cold weather. You would too if you had his fur coat!
The Trestle Inn is heated entirely with wood.
A Crash & Burn annual event. Front row center is Lee and Neta Schumacher, original owners and builders of the Trestle Inn.
Charlie arriving at the Trestle. He loves a burger, but will spit it out if there is catsup on it!
Bent & Broken members left to right are: Dan Stresemann, Eric Bromenschenkel, Kyler Hawkinson, Kyle Reins, John Nilson (Jr), Andrew Johnson, and Jake Williams. New members welcome!
Still Crazy 2011
Here are those crazy Canadians again!
Outdoor 25 year aniversary with the "Backwoods Band".
Outdoor seating is available at the Trestle Inn for your enjoyment.
WiFi available.
Click and sit
with a beverage.
North Shore Rollers 25th Anniversary. Looks like a good time to me...
Photo by Dick Turnbull 2012
Photo by Dick Turnbull 2012
Photo by Dick Turnbull 2012
Photo by Dick Turnbull 2012
Photo by Dick Turnbull 2012
Our Fox 21 Video taken in Feb 1013 by Meteorologist Brandon Spinner.
Our dedicated staff hosting a hillbilly costume party.